Friday, 24 December 2010

The Garden

We have a small, walled courtyard garden. In one corner there is a well, underneath which is a large underground cistern with a vaulted stone roof. Water is pumped up from the cistern through a lion's head fountain.


Because the garden faces south and west, and is completely enclosed, it is sunny and sheltered and plants grow well. They need a lot of water, which is provided by the well.


In the centre of the garden is a raised bed with stone walls. It has been planted with a mixture of spring bulbs, summer bedding plants and evergreen shrubs.


Because it is so warm and sheltered, the garden is ideal for barbeques and parties in the summer months. The back door from the kitchen opens directly into the garden, making it easy to carry food and drinks in and out of the house. It is also convenient for picking fresh herbs for cooking.



A rootdigger said...

love that nook
jo from sunnyside

Angela said...

What a lovely garden - why not open for the National Gardens Scheme and share the enjoyment? Angela

Caroline Gurney said...

Thanks, Angela. I think it may be in a state after the building work this year. perhaps next year?